Friday, October 31, 2008


Forgot I was supposed to do an extra mile today, but remembered a little bit into the run. Things started off really well. I waited until the sun was up to go out. I figured there was no use putting on a ton of clothing only to take it back off in a few minutes. So I dressed more conservative, shorts, longsleeve and a technical cut-off under that. I had gloves on too, but ended up getting rid of those around 6 miles. As I said, the run started really well. My legs felt great, lungs felt good. I made it around about a half mile and the pugs were out. GRRRReat. So I just figured ah, what the heck, and ran a little harder which turned out to be an acceleration. It wore me out pretty good since I had barely gotten outside, but at the same time running slow felt a lot easier.

So the run went on, I made my loop out, then back past the house, and the up the incline to the far point of the subdivision, back past the house to start loop number 2. Things were going well, but I didn't feel another sprint, so I just ran by the cul-de-sac with the pugs to conserve on energy. Same thing, just kept a nice easy pace. Legs cooperated today, and breathing was great. Back past the house for loop 3. Got close to the pugs house and then finally saw them. The chase was on. I took off to the end of the road where it turns left, and the black pug was actually right on my heels. This time I veered really quick and jumped a bush. he caught up with me, but then stopped. I was feeling good at this point as I estimated it was the final time I'd pass by there.

Loop 4 - So this is the first time I've ended up with 4 loops, but that's okay I was feeling perfectly fine for this "easy" run. Back past the house and toward Pug-row. I made it halfway down and they knew I was coming so I turned around really quick and they were on a mission this time since I had a head start. They caught up pretty fast. I did the same veer move, but the black pug got keen and was right on my heels. I said nice job puggy, then I blew him away and did a quick 50 meter burst. Legs were pretty worn after that, but after easing back into normal pace they went from lead to light and I finished out the run. On the way back i saw the black pug and he looked like he wanted to chase me as he was at the intersection, but he just watched me run by as I didn't have to go down his road. I figured I might as well make it an even 4 accelerations, so I did one more on the strip next to my house and called it a day.

Legs felt really good today, but pug-chase accelerations get more adrenaline pumping. There's something very raw and instinctive about out-running something chasing you. I will probably do a 4-5 mile easy pace later on tonight, as the legs feel great and easy miles don't seem to be affecting me. In a few weeks I'll have my race and plan a cut-back week, so I'm sort of adding in miles when I can until then.

9:57 am. home. 46 degrees.
1:13:47, bf 675

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