Monday, October 13, 2008


Quads were sore today. It's that second day rule. You can't get around it. I've not heard it mentioned too often, but I could pretty much put it in a medical book as a fact. The rule is the day after a workout you will be sore, and the day after that you will be twice as sore. I was sore yesterday and it remains, but luckily not too bad. The bugs were horrible. I was running through patches of tiny nats that would cover my shirt. I felt a lot like a windshield wiper. At one point I couldn't even see because the bugs were in my eyes so bad. I was scared because I was swerving all over the road because I couldn't see and was trying to wipe them out of my face and not breath them in. I didn't want to get hit by a car. Fortunately that only lasted about 15 minutes. I think after that the sun started to set a bit more and they stopped flying, because after that I didn't have to run through anymore.

Just a recovery run tonight, although I'm tacking on extra miles to start increasing my total weekly mileage. Normally I would run 48 minutes, but I added an extra 8 for another mile. It was pretty good. Only a few dogs tonight, but they just ran beside me for a few seconds and then got lazy. They were nice dogs and nothing to worry about. Took the same course, but skipped the D shaped extra part. Ended up being almost exactly an hour so it worked out well as just an out and back course. The only bad part was toward the end my right calf and hamstring got kind of tight on me. I had to slow a little and ran in the grass when it wasn't too high. It was pretty much gone though by the time I got back to the house.

So today's run probably could have been a little slower, but oh well. I visited my aunt when I got back from my run. Her grandaughter Rachel lives with her and her mom. She runs cross country and my mom told me they were done with their season. Well they still have a week left. That kind of made me mad because I could have drove up to the school and ran with them. But anyway tomorrow there is a meet and I'm going to go with my aunt to watch Rachel run. It should be fun. I kind of feel bad. I should have really guided her a little better with her running. I tried a few times, but I guess I wasn't persistent enough. She pretty much just runs for fun now, although in past years she was one of the top runners for the school.

So I'm planning on running my 88 minutes in the morning since I'll be going to the meet later on and probably not have a chance to run. Things are going well here at my parents though. I've been running and getting to sleep early. I guess television has kind of gone to the wayside lately, but I think it's just because there are like zero shows I'm interested in. Alright well I hope you all are doing good and running long.

5:45. schooler rd. out and back. 81 degrees, bugs galore.
59:09. bf 545

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