Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hello friends. Well today was a good day. Since I was going to Rachel's meet I got outside early, but not as early as I would have liked, it was around 9:00. The run started off hot. There was a strong wind coming from the west. There were some clouds, but they were moving really fast - probably due to the wind. So at times it was hot and other times it was normal. But when it was hot it was just ridiculous. It is so much more humid here than in TN. I ran an extra road in the time I ran my entire run yesterday, so I was definitely going a little faster which was good.

The legs are still a bit sore here and there, but for the most part they were responding well. After about an hour of running I did a few accels, but they were only about 70-75% so it was more of a just a slight increase in pace than a full accel. I did about two or three of those and by that time I was back home with still about 8 minutes left. So I went on past the house, even though I was a little dehydrated and the stomach wasn't feeling to great during the run. That was mostly due to the no breakfast thing though. I had a luna bar last night so I figured that might help, but it really didn't as far as i know.

So I did a few more accels, but this time up the hills by my parents house. My parents house in on a hill, and for Ohio the hills just surrounding our home are pretty steep and not to be taken lightly. This is about the only area where there are hills, so it's pretty cool to have that. The rest of the run went good, but I was definitely feeling my heartbeat by the end. So it was a good workout and it was nice to finally get some breakfast. Since my parents didn't have a lot of the food we eat me and April went out last night and picked up some stuff. Y'know the improtant stuff, good cereal (healthy but not nasty), gatorade, fruit.

Thats the funny thing about my parents, or at least my mom. She likes to buy stuff that's "healthy", which on her part it is. But it tastes like cardboard or worse. For instance Cracklin Oat Bran'. Sure it's great for you, plenty of fiber, but when you puke it back up after tasting it, the thing is hardly worth the purchase. She also NEVER cleans out her pantry. I do when I visit, the last time was four years ago......well I started again and guess what --- Evaporated milk was evaporated, frosted flakes were frosted, and the graham crackers were grahamed. Some of the stuff we found was from 2004 and even as far back as 12/31/00. So yeah I think if you haven't eaten something for 8 years you might want to discard it. Nobody would actually eat it because there was so much piled on top you couldn't find it anyway - which is why there are five different versions of the same thing.

Haha, I love my mom though, she is just funny that way. And for the most part there was updated food in there. Sorry for that rant. So after that we went to the Cross Country meet. It was sad. There were only two teams in our league that showed up. Us and the host. So automatically everyone got medals. Our two boys took first and second in 18:30 and 18:58. Not bad for a windy day, but then again there is only one week left in their season. Rachel got third place and finished around 25 minutes. She hasn't really taken it seriously this year, as in previous seasons she has ran around 22-23 minutes. She doesn't have the build for a runner really, but y'know I don't really think that matters. There are great runners who have terrible form, and what makes a runner great is their dedication and spirit. Still I think a body improves with training and starts to sort of shape itself to better suit what it's being asked to do.

So the track meet was kind of funny. I did talk to the coach. He has been doing it for a few years now. He said they were going to be putting in a fitness trail and I got really excited about that. I love Tennessee, but there's something about helping out the town you grew up in that I like. I could definitely see myself coaching and teaching here, but y'know I doubt it will ever happen. Anyway the fitness trail sounded sweet. He said it would be at least 2 miles, without the extra part going around the school. I asked if it would be paved and he said it would be mulched. Oh man that got me thinking a lot.

Well that's all for today's entry. Recovery day tomorrow and I might try and run with the guys after school for it. We'll see how the day goes.

9:08 am. kerr out n'back plus county line. 80 degrees, Windy!
1:28:12, bf 556

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