Friday, October 17, 2008


Colder again today especially when the wind was hitting my arms as it was pretty windy again. I started off slow but sort of got faster due to the wind. It was blowing against me for the first half hour, then I turned around and had it to my back. The run was a little more effort than I would have liked, but I also figured that tomorrow would be super easy and it would be okay to push just a little. I definitely kept within myself and just did a little pickup the last two minutes or so.

Legs feel real good right now. I also don't have any kind of pains to note which is spectacular. I think I've really found a groove in my training that allows me to get good quality work in everyweek and counter it with enough recovery to balance the equation. I would like to get get faster. I think about it a lot know and really want to start running faster (overall mile/minute pace) but at the same time I know I should take it slow and wait. It just always seems like I'm running against the clock nowadays. It seems like if I don't start getting fast now that I'll end up not being fast for a long while off. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but I guess it doesn't matter much. I'm just trying to improve the best way I know how and it will take time no matter what I do.

I've kind of decided to do Buddy's Race for the Cure. Mostly because the Turkey Trot website hasn't been updated and I emailed the guy who was in charge of it last year and have heard nothing back. So I assume they aren't having it again. It'll be good though. I'll get to compare my time in a one-month span on the exact same course downtown. The only part I don't like about races is that I miss a long run that weekend. I guess it's okay though because for one it changes things up and for two it is basically like a recovery week. Yes I'm running fast, but it's only for 3 miles. I was recovered from the last race by the next day basically (I didn't really PUSH all-out) and for long runs it's usually a few days before my legs feel 100% again. Also there's the fact that I don't like missing out on long runs. There's something about accomplishing a run that's over 2 hours long that just builds your confidence. Galloway says it's a staple for a runner, and I really believe it's true even if not endurance wise, it is psychologically.

Britney's wedding is tomorrow. Today mom cut her thumb while working on the wedding (two days straight without a break) and she got 15 stitches! Yeah, she had it all wrapped up and fortunately lots of people went to visit her and help her finish decorating the hall. Then we still had to decorate the church and go to the rehearsal. After that we went to Brandon's parents for dinner, whew. What a day. I should be able to get a short run in tomorrow morning while the girls are getting their hair did.

11:30 am. kerr out and back. 52 degrees windy 10 mph
57:57. bf 579

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