Friday, October 24, 2008


It rained all day today. Well I think it stopped this morning sometime, but when I went to go out it started pouring again so I held off. Later on it was still raining so I decided to get the treadmill going. I made it a mile before scratching that idea and going outside. It didn't take but a few minutes to throw on a t-shirt. What'dya know it had subsided and wasn't even sprinkling. Sweet. It felt great to run on the pavement after the mill. The legs felt a hundred times better. That always seems to happen. It's amazing how much a treadmill (or at least my cheap one) affects the stride.

So right away I was feeling great as I already had a mile warmup in and now my legs were free. I felt really light on my feet today, just floating along. So nice. It started raining about halfway through and was cold - close to 50 degrees. My arms were frozen, but everything else was fine. It was fun to splash around in the water on the pavement. At two loops I realized I still had a good 18-20 minutes left. I was just cruising along. It started raining even harder, but that just motivated me more. I like running in the rain. It just puts a stamp out there saying I won't be defeated and I won't back down for anything.

At one point it was hard to see for the rain, but it wasn't like a downpour or anything. I still felt light all throughout this run and the legs were responsive and not a bit sore. By the end though the pace caught up with me a little and I was feeling a little tired. I nearly got three loops in, definitely more than 2.5 which is normal for the amount of time out there for a short recovery run. So I finished up. It was awesome to see all this dirt on the back of my legs that had splashed up while running. You wouldn't think pavement is that dirty, but I guess I was wrong on that.

Went out to eat pretty much as soon as we got home. We went to El Charro and had dinner with April's family. It was fun and they have the best Mexican food in Knoxville.

5pm. tread 1 mile, home. 50 degrees rainy and a bit of wind.
1:08:10, bf 640

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