Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello readers

Well tonight was a really good night. It wasn't a half bad day either. Work went fine. Same old story just hot and repetitive. But hey at least it became overcast today around 2. That caused the temp to go down about 10 degrees and made it waaay easier to work in the warehouse. If it were going to be hot tomorrow I was going to bring a cut-off t-shirt, but it's supposed to rain, so it should be nice and cooool. I might even go in early and get some extra time in because it's really not that bad if it's cool in there.

So the legs were trash today. I mean they were just begging to sit down. Definitely tight. I was hoping they wouldn't be, but I was standing from the morning till the afternoon with maybe 1 five minute break, so they were worn out. The rest of the day I sat down because it was just too much. Tomorrow I'll do the same, especially if I go in early.

I really thought this run was going to suck. It was already 6 when I was leaving the house and of course the whole tired legs wasn't exactly thrilling. I was hoping for some rain, and it was plenty overcast for it. The run started off bad. I felt as if I had gone too fast the first mile. This is usually my warmup and it was slow, but by the end I was in the "groove". My legs were still tired though and I had to work to turn them over. NOTHING was easy about this run because in a sense I couldn't relax. Everything felt like work because my legs were already tired. So I did two mile loops up the big hill. Then turned around and did four going down the big hill. I reversed again and did two more and by then it was dark. I got a few sprinkles, but that was all.

But the big surprise tonight was my mindset. Yes the legs were tired, yes it was hard work, but at one point I just said "I'm going to kill this hill everytime around", and I did. Each mile starting from about 7 I got faster, and increased pace on the hill. But I felt I had done this too early. I thought I had just 10 minutes left, but then I heard my ipod guy say 30 minutes! Oh crap, but I didn't care. I was already in the zone. I kept the pace and kept going hard on the hill. I turned my legs over fast even though they didn't really want to. It was great. I wasn't going to fast on the hill, maybe 80-85% if that. It felt great and I got a big kick out of running hard with tired legs.

I thought a lot about my marathon tonight. I am excited and I might explain more in detail tomorrow. But it's kind of hot in the computer room and I'm thirsty so i think I'll just end it here for today. Oh I forgot to mention I went an extra 10 minutes tonight!! (on purpose) whooohooo.

6:15pm. soccer complex. cool 75 degrees with 7-8 wind.
1:31:11, gf 244

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