Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow October is almost gone. Seems to have flown by. Last night I saw that it was going to be cold and decided to throw in the warm weather towel. For now on there will really be no waiting for "warmer" weather - or so I thought. Well things went according to plan, although I wish I would got a little more sleep last night. Either way April left at 8, and I was going to run after she left. It took me a while to get ready....technical under shirt, t-shirt, turtleneck, gray fleece hoody, black gloves, black headband, shorts, undershorts, and gray sweatpants. So it was like 40 minutes getting ready - lol j/k.

I was definitely warm. Getting out the door was easy enough and I was already getting into the run. I probably looked like Rocky out there.
Rocky Pullup
This run was definitely not Rocky-esque though. I was breathing hard the whole time. Lungs felt worse than they have in a long time. I was just trying to get a breath and couldn't. As far as the legs go they were a little tired, but mostly just from carrying around all the extra weight. I was also started to get hot as the sun popped out and I was already warm before that. You can sort of see where all this is going.

But I kept on going. I figured I could stop by the house and at least lose my t-shirt and that would help matters, but I was dying when I made it back around the third time and just figured, what the heck I'm going to finish this thing. I made back around to the house again and shed my fleece hoody. It was like a huge weight had been lifted. I was already sweating pretty good and the cold air felt pretty nice. I started up the final hill and still felt pretty sucky breathing wise. The legs were a bit tired, but mostly from not breathing well. It felt great to end this one.

So what was the deal? Well there are a few things - for one I wasn't used to the cold air yet. It was like running in hot weather - you die early. Actually this felt just as bad as some of those first runs I did during the summer when it was 90. Secondly it was a morning run, and I haven't done that for a long while. And last I had a ton of clothes on and that weighed me down pretty good. So I'm sure after a few weeks of running in the morning I'll be back up to snuff. It was nice having the run done for the day though - I think I will do it more often. The only thing is I know I will die again so I'll just stick to the shorter easier runs in the morning for now on.

8:30 Am. home. 32 degrees low wind.
1:04:30, gf 294

Felt too good so I had to go out and run some more later on tonight. That's the thing with doing morning runs, the afternoon just feels so empty. Took it relatively easy on this one, probably could have went a little slower, but I was feeling pretty good, especially after the "hard" run this morning. None of the same symptoms occurred tonight, so I'm sure all the theories I came up with are probably correct. 55 degrees seems like a warm spring day compared to this morning. Although looking back it wasn't all that cold, I mean I was sweating pretty good. I decided to run again in the morning tomorrow. I figured it would be a better run if I had to work hard, and tomorrow is supposed to slightly harder, well not necessarily harder, but faster if I'm feeling good. Sometimes they go hand in hand, other times it's almost harder to go slow. Anyway not much else to say about the run, felt pretty good. Legs were just a bit tired on a few of the hilly parts, but lungs/breathing were easy/acceptable.

6pm. home. 53 degrees.
40:23, gf 299
core exercises, form drills

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