Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10.15.08 just when you think.

It was a rainy day today, but by the afternoon it had cleared up. I took a nap then woke up around 5. I took my time getting out and it was 5:45 when I finally got around to it. Things were kinda crazy today. My parents cat got into some rat poison or some kind of chemical and she isn't doing very good at all. She was bleeding all day today and yesterday. Her nose is completely raw and her fur has blood all over it. We put medicine on her nose, but she rubs and licks it off, making it even worse. I don't know what the vet was thinking. She is a horrible mess. So she was bleeding again today and April was freaking out because when she carried her to her food bowl she just fell over and cried. We didn't want to take her to the vet because it's not our cat and who knows they might have wanted to just put her down or something. So I was looking forward to getting out of the house.

I did paint my mom's pantry today and cleaned it up real nice. The walls were all scuffed up. I literally found some stuff from 2004 - graham crackers and jars of canned blackberry jelly among other various foods from a variety of years. But these specifically said Blackberry Jam 04' on the label. Thankfully someone had labeled it. When i opened it there was mold on the top and it smelled fermented. Gross. The floor was so dirty I had to get a mop and clean it. Apparently something syrupy had dripped on the floor and no one bothered to clean it so I had to scrub that off. Add the who knows how old rotted banana that was on the trashcan lid (hidden under some plastic bags) which had tiny little holes where bugs had crawled out of it or ate it and you got one nasty mess to deal with. So I just threw the trashcan lid into the yard. I had three full double-walmart bags of canned food from early 07, but mostly older than that, a box of nonfat powder milk from 05, and a bag fritos that was so hard it didn't even crunch when I punched it in the side, the thing was like a brick in a bag. So I also filled up two full big black trashbags of old food and emptied out the jars of canned stuff too. Needless to say the pantry looks empty now, but quite nice. CAN you imagine what I will find in the FRIDGE OF DOOM?

So I was reeeeally looking forward to the run and getting away from the house. I started down a quick one mile road, then headed on my normal loop. I made it out to the unpaved rock road (they just put loose rocks down and I guess haven't got around to paving it) along Kerr and decided to turn around as I only had 20 minutes left. I'm doing really good today. The legs feel light as a feather and really responsive. Good news for me. So I'm looking forward to just coasting this one in as I'm taking it pretty easy out there for recovery. This is harder than it seems because when your legs feel good you just want to go, so I was working hard to pull the reigns. Then up ahead I see a car and it's going really slow. I think what the heck are they going to talk to me or something. But as I get closer I see it's my dad, April, and Britney driving her car. They all say "jump in" and I'm like No thanks I'll just run home I'm almost there. I was really getting a to groove so I ran around to the other side of the car to see what the heck was up. Apparently today was the last day they could make changes to our suits for the wedding, so we had to go RIGHT NOW to go get them fitted. Ah man that irked me a little, but I just got in the car, there was no use fighting it. I complained a little, but let it go when I heard we were going to be getting some food. I hadn't eaten lunch yet! Well okay I had a granola bar, but after cleaning that mess I lost my appetite and so I was starving now.

So we get them fitted, then we have to stop by walmart and heck it was after 8 before i finally got to eat anything. At least it was really good. Lee's famous recipe chicken, green beans, coleslaw, and sweet tea. It's the best chicken place I've been to and everything is delicious. When I got home I still had my running shorts on (and obviously was still sweaty and gross) mom said "Are you just now getting back?" I just told her NO, I got kidnapped but I escaped.

So my recovery run was cut a bit short, but I still got 40 minutes in so that's a pretty good run. Should be great tomorrow, although we are now in wedding mode and that means setting up everything. Since my mom is a wedding decorator she is obviously doing Britney's wedding and so we end up having to do all this stuff. That's the only bad part about coming home is that we rarely get a break from it and it's annoying to be the LAST one to leave every wedding we end up going to. I'm going to try to run in the morning, but if I'm awake I might get dragged somewhere to do some job where I'm done in half an hour then have to sit around all day. Maybe I'll just wear my running shorts to sleep and take off when i hear someone ask about me.

5:45 pm. 1/2 kerr + county line. 75 degrees, medium wind.
41:46, bf 561

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