Friday, October 10, 2008


Recovery run. not worth much considering I stood for half the day. I took breaks, and tried to stand, but only made it till 2 o'clock before I said screw it and sat down in the chair. The thing that pissed me off (exuse that) was that the boss lady was telling a new person how to do the job. Now remember we are standing because "People are more efficient when they are standing". Then I hear these words, and I quote, "Oh this is more of a slow turtle job where you can go slow at your own pace".

AAAAAAh WTH! Why in the freaaaakin' world are we all standing up with our hamstrings burning, back breaking, tendons flaming and legs screaming for mercy if this is a slow steady job where it doesn't matter how efficient you are. Oh that just boiled my blood. Here I've been killing my legs all week just to hear that crap.

So the run was NOT great. Still I did my six miles just because this race isn't all that important. Now don't get me wrong, I want to do well. I hate to use my tired legs as an excuse for a horrible time, so let me say now that I am not trying to create some lame excuse. I'm simply stating the facts that my legs are really worn out and tired. Now maybe if I wasn't running at all this week, this job would have been fine. But running AND standing around all day isn't exactly the best medicine when you're training for a race. So yes I could have not run and probably be fresher, so in the end it IS my fault whatever happens. I take full credit for anything that doesn't go right.

Whew. Now that I got that all off my chest I just want to say I am very excited for tomorrow. Not only because of the race, but because I'm getting to go to Ohio to visit my family all next week. So I have a lot to look forward to at this point.

checking the course profile I noticed the first mile- mile.5 is mostly uphill, After that there is a downhill (coming off the inclines) and then it is flat until the end. My plan is to then go out medium-hard, and once I hit 2 miles, just freaking let the floodgates open. The theory being that heartrate drops on downhills, and as far I'm concerned flat ground is pretty much equal to downhill considering the courses I run. Then If I can hold onto it that last mile, there is a very steep downhill section about 400-800 meters from the finish. So I'll be able to coast down. Basically I want to pretend like the finish is there, die, and then coast down the last little beat as dead possible. It'll be fun. I'm going to watch "Without Limits" tonight and get my stuff together so everything is ready to go. Weather looks to be awesome, 60 degrees and clear!

5:50 pm. home.
81 degrees a nice warm.
49:02, gf 266

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