Thursday, October 16, 2008


This morning I woke up too early. I nearly got wrangled into setting up for the wedding. I'm glad I got out of it because I would have been there all day. So I got my run in the morning and told mom I would help her out around lunchtime. The run went well, but it was ludicriously windy. I know thats not a word, but it's the only thing that describes it. Fortunately when there is a wind like you have the opposite direction to look forward to. The wind was coming out of the north and it was MUCH colder today about 50 degrees.

Stomach wasn't feeling too great along the way and I thought stopping for a drink would help. About an hour into the run I was back at the house and took a quick minute or less to get a drink and a bite of luna bar. Since it was so cold I didn't notice the taste, but I did feel slightly better. It was probably just from stopping though because after a few more minutes I still didn't feel great. The legs were pretty good today though, definitely had some strength in there. Finally I was about to finish and put in some good fast running the last five minutes and got a sprint in at the end. It was weird because I could feel my quads jiggling as I sprinted. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not. Either I was going pretty dang fast or I was slow enough that my pounding steps were causing it.

I ended up helping decorate the wedding for the rest of the day. April stayed at my parents and finished all sorts of programs and other things she got put up to. They took forever because they were double-sided and my parents just have a normal old printer. So she had to print one side, then other. About 250 of those, then she also had to print placecards and cut them out. She still isn't done, but was getting started with the cards.

10 am. Big loops. 50 degrees Cold and Windy!
1:28:00, bf 572

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