Friday, October 3, 2008


Went to work today and stuffed envelopes again. Much bigger job this time, took a lot longer because there were more pieces to stuff and one of them was an envelope the same length as the envelope we were stuffing. So yeah, not exactly a smooth insert unfortunately. I'm working again tomorrow, but a full day if it's possible. Next week I'll be doing another job there, so at least I'll have a little money coming in. Unfortunately it doesn't leave much time for working on my own stuff, which is just about ready to hit the streets.

Today it was a little warmer, maybe around 70 and it's supposed to get back up to 80 or so by the end of the week. Still this cold weather just came along pretty fast. I'm trying to get out there as much as I can so I can get used to it. Just when I thought I was getting acclimated to the heat it gets cold.
this is what it was this morning:

tNot exactly the warmest of mornings and to think I was going to go run in that. Nah, not quite there yet. But soon I hope to be running a lot more mornings. An before long I won't have a choice. It's already sunset at the end of my runs, and the time hasn't even changed yet....

So the run went perfectly fine. Legs were a bit tired at first, but once they got warmed up it was business as usual. I actually did some accelerations tonight toward the end of my run. Cool thing is they didn't slow me down afterward. I can't wait till the race next weekend. It's going to be a tough run, but I really have a good feeling about it.

6:15 pm, soccer complex, cool 68 degrees.
1:21:00, gf 207

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