Thursday, October 30, 2008


Kind of had the same thing going as yesterday. Much harder to run in the cold morning air. Stopped at 2 miles to take off my turtleneck - it wasn't THAT cold. Then I stopped for a second around 8 miles to get a little water, a tiny bite of luna bar (which was frozen) and got rid of my sweatpants, gloves, and headband. I was rolling after that. The legs were still very tired on the hills, but I felt a lot better after shedding the majority of clothing. Uphills were tough, downhills evened it all out. Wish I had a flatter course to test on - I do at home but even that has hills on the "flat" so I dunno. Either way it was a good workout and I'm sure doing this runs in the morning is really going to improve my oxygen uptake.

8:45 am. soccer complex. 32 to 40 degrees.

, gm 492

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