Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Not a half bad day at work today. A shipment was supposed to come in yesterday, but never did, so a lot of people didn't come in. There were only two of us over at the warehouse today. It was nice though because it was raining a lot and it was pretty cool. I wore my jacket about half the time. So that job is finished and it was nice to be able to sit down since there weren't a lot of people there. There are only 3 chairs for the "old" people and the other days I didn't get to sit down at all. It takes a toll on your legs. Kind of like walking around a theme park all day - by the end of the day your legs are just exhausted. We tried to get the lady in charge to get some more chairs, but she said people are less efficient when sitting down..... yeah. I think that people are less efficient when their legs are so tired they go sit down outside somewhere. It just makes sense. Plus the lady in charge isn't helping us do any of this, so what would it matter to her. It's just one of those power things I guess. Whatever. So my legs did get a rest today, and tomorrow I will be taking about a hundred breaks if I don't have a chair.

The run was okay tonight. My legs were still tired from yesterday, but felt okay for the most part. If I take it easy the next two days I might have some chance of doing well at my race, but if I end up standing all day I forsee big problems about halfway through. Tonight's run felt okay so I ran an extra mile at the end. Nothing too brag about so I'll just leave it at that.

5:45pm, home, 66 degrees.
56:39, gf 251

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