Monday, October 27, 2008


Good recovery run tonight. I need to start getting up earlier. I have been meaning to do that, but have been slacking. it's also been a while since I've done any of my core drills. Those things always seem to slide first. I can always work on things like that. Made 3 trips around the neighborhood tonight for 64 minutes. It was COLD today. Well compared to yesterday's 65, today was like an arctic freeze. I wore a tshirt, longsleeve and gloves and felt comfortable. It was also windy today. I'll post the weather at the bottom and try to do that every now and then.

I've been reading on runner's world forum lately. There is a huge thread that I'm working my way through, made up of people trying to go sub 2:45. I think it's the fastest thread on there as I haven't seen any sub 2:30 threads - (and no one bothers putting inbetween increments just to keep it honest). Anyway there is some really good info there if you're goal is in that range. I'm far behind the people there in my training, but what I lack in experience I make up for with being insane and not afraid to push my limits. Granted I have been more cautious lately, but there's a certain point in running where I think you have to take a little risk to get the reward you want.

So I have plenty to work on. The first thing I'm trying to do is get my mileage up. The 19 miles (ok it was 2 minutes short of 19) this weekend was killer. So I revised my long runs and will just repeat that same run this weekend or as many times as necessary until it becomes easy. Pretty amazing to be running that long already, but I'm having fun and it's actually not as boring as I had remembered. Secondly I'll be doing more tempo-ish pace to end my runs, trying to dip down into 5k range (6:00/mile). But only runs on thursday, with tuesday being ok if the long run isn't affecting it. Like tomorrow I'll take it easier because my legs felt like they needed 2 days to recover. Today the legs were better, and for the first few miles they were awesome, but still I felt like another day of rest would be beneficial. I already mentioned being more consistent and get my core/drill work in, and that was pretty much it.

My shoes have been demoted, but I wore them today and they were fine for the most part, just a few times I felt the ball sort of "touching" the asphalt so to speak, but it wasn't painful. Tomorrow is a longer day so I'll try and go back to my Moire's. I've been hearing good things about the Luna Racers, but unfortunately they are $100 bucks. But they are like 4.6 ounces or something insane like that! That's practically less than my waffle racers. Anyway I was thinking of also getting Nike Free everyday trainers. The nice thing about them is that they are more designed for everyday running, as opposed to the free's I have which are more for easy/low mile running. I only have money for necessities at this point, but I still need to make sure my feet are taken care of, and I'd at least like to be racing in a shoe that's going to give me an honest or fast time.

ah i almost forgot. Last night my knees and hams were so trashed I instinctively ran a cold bath and was in that thing before I even realized it. My body just knew what to do. It was great, and I think that's why i felt so good at the beginning of today's run.

wow, that was way longer than I wanted. Anyway hope you had a good day.

4:15pm. home.

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