Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well I worked a full day on a SATurday, bah. It actually wasn't that bad except for having to stuff envelopes standing up. These kind are easier to do that way, but there is literally an entire warehouse full of books we have to stuff. There are at least 40 palettes. I got about half of a palette done by myself if that tells you how long it takes. It doesn't but whatever. Other than having to stand this warehouse has no air conditioning so it was 80 degrees. The bad part of that was I had on jeans because it was cold this morning. I make it sound like a horrid day, but other than my legs wanting to fall off and it being hot and stuffing envelopes over and over and over it was a good day. I'll be doing it all next week until that job is done- although I won't be doing saturday because of my RACE!!! woot.

So the run was nice and easy. I almost considered not running this one, but I've been on a pretty good streak and decided to go ahead. I'm glad I did it was a great workout and the legs were actually quite responsive, although I was going slow. A little warmer again, but I don't expect it will last too much longer.

Long run tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. I have to run past walmart this time so I get to go through the tunnel again, whoohooo I love the tunnel.

5:28pm, home, warm 78 degrees.
48:30, gf 213

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