Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well today was completely lazy until my run. We didn't wake up for church this morning and basically slept in. I won't say it wasn't nice though after working in that heat all day Saturday I was exhausted. I think last night was the quickest I've ever gotten to sleep. So I made some pancakes as is my custom on days where I have the time to. After that we pretty much vegged out. April found this site where you can watch tv shows for free. It's pretty neat but there aren't a lot to choose from. So I caught up on some tv and read my new runner's world magazine. It had some decent stuff in it, but at this point there isn't a whole lot that blows my mind.

So that was pretty much the day. April said she was going to go with me on my long run today. Well not run with me, but she said she would go as far as she could then turn back. I ran my normal loop as I pretty much have it down pat. Out to walmart then turn around. I did see another sidewalk that I might try for my next long run in a few weeks (next week is my race and I've decided to cut miles because of it). So it was business as usual. April said she would meet me at the park to give me water and I brought along a snack this time. It's called a Laraba bar or something like that. I really like them but they are expensive. I had received one as part of my packet last year and totally loved them. I've had that one for a month now and just forgot about it.

So I do my normal run, went as slow as I could because honestly 2 hours is a long way and I didn't want to be dead. So things went really well. I was feeling good for the most part, but my lunch choice wasn't the best. It wasn't that bad, but it felt like my stomach was growling the entire time.Not from being hungry, but definitely something wasn't settled. So anyway things went fine and the legs felt really good until I got back to the park at about 1hr 25 minutes into the run. I was really needing water and April was there in the car ready to hand it to me. Apparently she forgot about the laws of physics and just held her hand out the door with the bottle. I grabbed it and then did a spin move to avoid taking off the door.

She learned quickly though and when I came around for my snack she was ready and sort of jogged beside me. My legs were beginning to get trashed at this point. The nice thing about that park is the back soccer fields. They are cut nice and I'd say it's probably close to a mile around them all as there are at least 3, maybe 4 of them side by side. That soft grass just feels good to run in after all the pavement. So in a way I was rejuvinated, but my legs were definitely beat up and tired from the pounding. Lungs were okay, definitely could have been better. So I really only made 2 huge loops around the fields and back out to the little paved pathway that goes around the main soccer fields and I was done. I finished about 5 feet from my car - good timing.

The run was really good today and there is definitely potential in the area for a nice long course. I still have to duck and doge across pretty heavy traffic in one area, but for the most part it isn't too dangerous. I'm glad the legs held up the entire way. I was worried since this week I had to shorten my days off before the run. I made sure to take it easy yesterday though and that helped a lot. I was also prepared for this run, I had a snack and water that really gave me the extra boost I needed to get through the run without dragging.

My closing thought for the day was:
If 2 hours at laxadaisacal pace is this rough, what is 2 and half hours at marathon pace going to feel like. Then after a nice SHIVER ran down my spine I remembered I have much training left.

4:40pm, ball camp park, warm 80 degrees
2:00:03, gf 228

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