Thursday, October 23, 2008


Nothing special today. It was cloudy. I made it to the soccer complex a little after 5. The first few miles pretty much flew by, 3 loops one way, then I did 3 the opposite direction. At 1 hour I stopped to refuel (kept jogging) with some gatorade and a piece of laraba bar. When I went to click my ipod to resume, it just decided to end the workout. So I had to do a "second" run ipod wise which sucks. I mean in the big scheme of things it's fine, but I hate that it does that. It obviously says click to resume, maybe I'm just hitting the middle button instead of play or something, but it really sucks having the run broken up like that. I can't accurately measure how many runs I've done because it'll show 2 instead of 1. But like I said, really it's not big deal, just a nuisance.

So since I had a pretty good break and the last one-third of my run was separate I decided to run a little faster. I did three uphills at 70% or so. I was breathing a little harder at the top, but it certainly wasn't a huge effort. The rest of run went really well and I was finished in no time. My arms along the outside of my forearm got pretty cold. It was supposedly 63 degrees or so. It just feels colder than that for some reason - maybe because there was no sun out? But it's probably that I'm just not used to the cold weather yet. Time change is coming soon. That means morning runs and 40 degrees. I'm not looking forward to it. But not for the reason you think - it's for the clothing issue. I love running in shorts and a t-shirt. Now I'll have to start wearing pants that are stuffy and all these layers of longsleeves and gloves. It's really restricting, but I'm still excited because my training is going well and I know it'll be a hundred times better training through the winter.

5:13pm. soccer complex. cloudy 63 degrees.
1:28:12, bf 632

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Mike said...

Hi Ron - Just found your blog again. Looks like you're doing a great job of sticking w/ it. I've been back from injury since about July - making progress. Good luck w/ the training!