Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well we finished the 50,000 piece job today. Actually the wires, which I think I told you about before, are all full and still have to be loaded onto the truck. NOT going to be taking part in that if my life depended on it. Those things are freakin' heavy and I'm not killing myself for minimum wage. Anyway it looks like the job search is back on and I'm really looking forward to finishing my postcard and getting my ads out there. I'm also looking into getting a factory job or something like that. I guess stuffing envelopes for 8 days was easy enough, so I could probably do something equally as mindless as a job.

The run was good tonight. Since I got to leave work about 15 minutes early I was able to get home with just enough time to complete my run which is just shy of an hour and a half. So it was 5:30 by the time I made it out to the soccer complex. There were some soccer games going on and plenty of people jogging and walking that I got to run by 10 times. Surprisingly most of the people when I arrived were there when I left. That usually doesn't happen, but I did see a few people. Maybe they got there later and I just assumed they had been there the whole time though. It's funny you really get to see who is consistent and who isn't. There is always an older woman who runs there. She is more of a fastwalker or jogger than runner as her feet hardly leave the ground. She floats. Which is fine, but because of her speed I would definitely put her into the runner category. I've wanted to say something as she's been there consistently since I started running in September, but she doesn't seem very sociable and we are both just trucking along.

Then there are the dogwalkers, and older couple who have two dogs. They take up the entire pavement which is big enough for four people. The leashes are 50 feet long and their dogs swerve from side to side, and they themselves swerve along with dogs. I've gotten used to running through the jumbled bumpy grass along the side of the path when I pass them. Then there are the walkers, three deep shoulder to shoulder. They leave just a smidgen of room to run, and I'm always sure to blow by, letting them know that if they were to step just a little closer they would be clotheslined. As a runner it almost means I have the right-of-way. They aren't out there training everyday, that course is mine. They aren't the one's busting balls everyday out there, that's me. I mean it's like moving for a faster car, it's just common courtesy. I don't take it too far though, many times I run in the grass, although I always feel like I'm going to sprain and ankle doing that.

Okay well I got a rant in, a complaint, what was good about today? Well the run was really good. I had a good time running, the lungs felt great. My legs are still a little achy from the long run, so I decided to test them further and did my accelerations up the hill during the last third of my run. The last five minutes I worked up to 5k pace or better and held it the whole way. It felt great to go fast. My legs are now pretty shot though and I'm looking forward to a super easy 7 miles tomorrow. Used my thin t-shirt today which was fine, but still kind of chilly once the sun set.

5:30 pm. soccer complex. 60 degrees slight wind.
1:28:30, bf 614

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