Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's late because I watched a bunch of tv and a movie. The office was finally back on so y'know I couldn't miss that. Then I watched Death Race, which was pretty cool, but would be better as a video game or something. It was way too predictable.

Did a mile less tonight. I ran extra yesterday and the day before, so it's all good. Tomorrow I'll probably do another 6. It's not even really a taper, but it doesn't seem to matter now with the job that I'm working. If I'm standing all day, which I was today, then my legs will be tired. But me and April took a looong lunch break and I took quite a few breaks too. Tomorrow will be the same. i'll try to take as many breaks as I can without looking lazy. I think it's dumb though - there were plenty of chairs and out of the 18 tables we only had 5 people working. I mean come on it's just ridiculous, but nobody wants to tell the boss lady anything because it would cause a whole big deal.

Anyway the run went fine. Legs actually felt pretty good, almost normal, but still there wasn't a lot of snap that I've been able to have like last week with extra fast running. All the same I think I'm physically ready to push myself in the race. I don't know about mentally, and I'm certainly not confident in my speed, but I feel good about going for a personal best. Okay I'm going to get some sleep, one more day of work then I can maybe have some more time to post.

I should also mention that I'm leaving for Ohio next week. I'm looking forward to it. My sister is getting married and I'm in the wedding. I'm not sure how the blogging will go, but other than working on my halloween costume for our haloween party I won't be doing much else. G'night.

6 pm. soccer complex. 73 degrees.
1:13:01, gf 260

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