Saturday, November 22, 2008


Another day at work, ugh on Saturday. At least we got out early around 4, so I actually got to run in the daylight when I got home. I was wanting to test out the foot and kind of re-evaluate after these past 3-4 days off. It was hurting while I walked around work, and I actually got the back of my ankle clipped by a wire (huge heavy metal wire on wheels) and that gave me a scare. The run went okay though. The foot didn't really hurt until mile 2 and on a scale of one to ten it was about a two. At the end of the run, maybe in the last mile or so it started flaring up a bit, but only about a 5 out of 10 as far as pain goes.

The good part was just getting to run again. I've been deprived and angry these past couple days, but haven't really had time to show it due to work. As far as "getting back" there was really none of that. I felt really in shape and 8 miles didn't feel too far at all. Actually I wanted to run longer if it weren't the foot I would have. Well my post-evaluation prodding seems to point to a possible ankle sprain or ligament strain somewhere below and in front of my ankle. It hurts worse to turn left, so I think some tendons in there got overpulled or stressed, and while poking around I found that the pain was actually coming from above the base of my foot, so it's not from the bottom of my foot pounding anything too hard for sure. Right now I'm going to keep running on it. And if need be either cut back miles or if it gets too bad I'll have to take more days off. I'm wanting to get as much running in as possible still, so I think twice a day might be back in the mix to break up the longer stuff. At the same time a single run would give more recovery during the day, so it just comes down to how it feels.

4:30 pm. home. 40 degrees.
1:05:35, gm 540

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