Monday, May 11, 2009


Cool day today and it made for great running. Nothing out of the ordinary the day after a long run. A little sore, but nothing compared to speedwork, a pleasant soreness if you will. I guess the cool weather really worked because I was just flying along without a care in the world. Sometimes that happens after a long run though, it sort of rejuvenates me somehow.

After the run I did some accels with the kids in the neighborhood. A kid asked me if I wanted to race so toward the end of my run I set up a little race. There were about four or five kids out there who did the start for us. I picked a little 75 meter run just out of convenience because there are three speed bumps, so we ran from the first to the last one. I was really using this as an accel so I gave him a head start. It didn't really matter much. I'm not trying to beat up on the kid though, so on the way back we did another one and I let him edge me at the line :) We did one more and I did a little more jogging to cooldown, good day of running. Should be recovered for speedwork tomorrow.

6:22pm. home. 68° 44%H 6mph from NNE (cool, perfect)
1:13:17(10.37) gm 1018
AHR 155 MHR 175 (x3 accels)

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