Friday, May 22, 2009


Nice litte run in the heat today. Legs are still a bit tight which I'm not too thrilled about, but I think once I get out on the course they will respond. Did form drills afterward, was going to them before the run, but since it's only in my routine for the track I just went about my daily routine and took off out the door. Should be good to go for tomorrow after this real easy day.

Any guesses as to finish time? I'm pretty solid with sub 38 for now. Sorry no contest this time, still finishing the last one :P New course, so hopefully nobody gets lost and everything goes smoothly. I really like the post-race for this one, normally smoothie king has delicious cool treats, woohoo!

4:15pm. home. 82° 46%H 5mph from E (sunny, warm)
36:25(5.14) gm 1043
AHR 150 MHR 168

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