Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Track work today. Headed out to the middle school this time around. Their track is basically pavement, maybe a little more give since it's worn, but not much. Interesting to run on that instead of cushy, sinking rubber. The other difference here is there is a meter or two between the 400 starting block line and the finish line, so this track could be a little "long", although I doubt it. It feels the same to me, but then again my body isn't a gps receiver.

Started with a 2 mile warmup and right away noticed the legs were already a little tired. The run yesterday was a bit fast and there was more tightness than I would have liked. I tried stretching a bit after my form drills, but they never did feel right, so I just got on with it.

Took down times after each one. Originally I had planned to do them @ race pace, but then I begin thinking that was probably a bad idea and I was just going to run these harder. So I'm not going to be boring and describe every little detail about each lap, only note that I slowly began breathing harder earlier each repeat, with jog recovery lap inbetween each for recovery. By numero 6 I was ready to call it a day as the legs were pretty tired. I could have done more, but I like ending on a good note rather than driving myself into oblivion. I ran a little more after that, gradual mile pickups where I worked up to threshold pace and held it. I rather enjoyed those last two miles. At that point I ran another lap or two as I also worked in some accelerations, 1x100 and 1x200 and they felt smooth and fast.

workout went good, I'm not concerned with times, I just wanted to get anaerobic work in. Hopefully Thursday or Friday I can do some longer stuff, mile repeats at threshold pace (a litte faster than race pace - 5:40-5:45 if I can handle it and maybe throw in a few 1200's after that just to get a little extra distance in.

7:00pm. middle schell? (lol school) track. 72° F 59%H 9mph from SSW (cool, windy)
400m @76, 74.5, 74, 74.7, 74, 73.2 w/400jog rec.
58:54(9.28), fasttwitch 66


janelle said...

Well, it still seems like you had a pretty good workout despite the fact that you were tired...Those times weren't bad either! I need to work on some speed stuff too as well as some plyometrics, but I'm hesitant to jump on the track because the last couple of times that I went were downright embarrassing...lol..I could barely get through a few mile repeats in less than 6:00 pace!

Instead, I've been opting to do hill repeats every now and then...it's sort of a cop-out- I know...

Ron said...

haha, I hear you on the hills, but they are important too :)

My main problem is recovery time. I'm just not in good enough anaerobic shape to prescribe to the standard recovery. I did good yesterday though, and I just try to keep in mind it's a building process; so as long as there is improvement I'm happy ;)

Sarah said...

I'm amazed! So inspiring. Makes me wish I was a runner.

Ron said...

hey Sarah, being a runner isn't hard, it just takes a little dedication and some determination :)