Monday, May 25, 2009


Very warm today, especially toward the end of the run when it got sunny. The beginning of the run was cloudy and felt really good, but by the third loop I was feeling the heat. I pushed the pace too and was pretty determined not to relax. The HR got up pretty high, but I'm not going to worry about that much anymore, the higher the better. The sun definitely helped in that aspect. It was a really nice today to run. I passed the Mormon's a few times and gave them a nice wave, thinking to myself about who people thought was crazier, me or them.

Quad is still a little sore, but legs were definitely back under me today.

4:15pm. home. 82° 60%H 3 mph from SSE
1:03:30(9.25) gf 728
AHR 160 MHR 180

3 comments: said...

Just keep the fire burning! : ) May you have the best runs more and more!

Jocelyn said...

running when its so hot out is rough! Great job on pushing yourself

Ron said...

thanks runner insight, I have grown to love running just as much as anything :)

Hey Jocelyn,
Yup it's a little rough, but I think the "easiest" of effort on those days are going to pay off.