Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today was a good tune up run. Split it up into three sections (in my head) with each loop being a section, starting off in a steady zone and working up. This was actually a really solid run and I felt good the whole way through for the most part. The first loop was just normal, even though I felt really strong and was getting a good pushoff, second loop much the same, this time HR was around 165 average, then the last loop my legs were tired and I was breathing a bit, but it was still controlled, average HR around 172 and hit 180 on the hilly part. It was sprinkling at the beginning of the run. The sky was split between blue on one side and heavy dark clouds on the other, with my area basically right between, so i think we dodged the heavy rain.

I really liked this tempo run and definitely felt like I was "doing something". Most runs I just go easy, but this was faster and actually a little more fun. I would like to make one more attempt at the tweet5k, but as it is I'm stretched pretty thin and am not sure if I'll be able to do much better. I suppose I could if I had someone else timing me because that was kind of stressful running with a stopwatch in hand and trying to take splits and use energy to look at the clock all at the same time. So hopefully it is nice Saturday and April might indulge me on that. Either way I'll probably attempt it and just see if I can pull something out.

4:20pm. home.80° 66%H 5 mph from SSW
1:03:22(9.25) gm 1051
AHR 163 MHR 180

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