Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well who knew bowling worked muscles? That hit in the butt with a baseball bat feeling I had yesterday was from bowling, lol. Good to know it wasn't some kind of injury or flare up. We played like 5 games so I guess it really worked the old glute and hip flexors, all in good fun.

Today I took it easy through the neighborhood, relaxed and slow and just enjoyed the beautiful cloudless sunny day.

since I had a great run and nothing better to talk about, how about watching my favorite comedy actress, Kristen Wiig :)

original Lawrence Welk skit:

and last week when Will Ferrell hosted:

6:10pm. home. 73° 27%H 6 mph from ENE
1:05:21(9.49) gf 709
AHR 154 MHR 164

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