Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Kind of a harder run for an easy recovery day, but I wanted to run somewhere other than the usual neighborhood cul-de-sacs. It actually was a really good run, but I just ended up working a lot harder than I wanted to due to hills and wind. The max HR is a little misleading as that was from the 4 accelerations I did toward the end, the highest it got on the hills was 170 or so. Not sure how the legs will feel tomorrow, but they were kinda sore today, mostly just the hams. It's supposed to rain again, who knows if it will or not, but I figured a little more effort today wouldn't hurt anything if I get rained out of track work tomorrow.

I was looking back through the blog trying to see some of my progress on speedwork and honestly there isn't a whole lot there. I mean there is if I compare to when I first started running, but in the last year or so I've been around the same speed. The one positive thing I did notice is that even though I'm at the same speed, it's more relaxed and I'm able to maintain it much longer than before (more repeats/total work). Not going to go into much more detail than that and bore ya, but it's more just for my own memo.

soccer complex. 76º 43%H 10mph from S (warm, windy)
1:08:02(10.0), gm 1027
AHR 161 MHR 179

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