Thursday, May 14, 2009


Quickly get this done. Incredibly humid today and just insane to run in. It didn't help I didn't get much sleep last night either. Whatever the case I got as much done as I could at the middle school track. Legs were sore and tired from the beginning of this thing - due to a hard day yesterday after speedwork - combo was like a one-two punch. First lap I was killing it because for some reason my crazy brain doesn't understand time.

I did a mile warmup, then my drills. Right away I noticed the humidity because sweat was just rolling off in every direction. I was just "warming up" so I hated to think what was going to happen when I started really running. The legs never did loosen, but I didn't expect them to after yesterdays hilly run.

Goal pace was 4:17 (1:26,/2:52 for 400/800) but for some reason I was thinking 76 instead of 86, I just do that sometimes. So yeah I started running my laps about 10 seconds fast. I went through 400 around 75 and was like okay I'm on pace, then I hit 800 was like 2:34 and just kind of didn't understand that number, lol. I thought that looked a little funny, but I just kept on going. I was really hurting by lap 2 and was like why in the world is this so hard already? I mean normally for VO2 pace I can hold my own, but I was falling apart already. So yeah first 1200 was 3:59.

Learned my mistake on that one, but between the legs being tired and I guess the humidity I was already feeling depleted. Jogged a lap and took some extra rest because I could just tell I needed it from how hard that first one was. Was supposed to be 400m recovery, but I actually stood around and drank gatorade to recover. Lap two felt slightly better of course because I was closer to the pace I should have been running, legs were still tired and was breathing hard by the third lap. Was really sweating at this point, slogged another lap.

Third one I wasn't feeling to good, my stomach just didn't feel right, but I didn't worry about it and just got to the line. This third one actually went well. I stayed on target and again it wasn't till the third lap where things got a little shady. Took a jog lap then another nice long drinking/standing recovery. I really procrastinated because I wasn't sure if I should end the workout or not. My stomach wasn't feeling great and I was completely drenched in sweat, but had only ran about 30 minutes total. I jogged around a lot, going up to the line, then taking a little more rest. Haha, it really took me a while before I just said okay I'm doing it. Then I said to myself, you can do it, just one more. Once I had that thought I was pretty much ready.

Last interval was pretty nice. I was tired, but just worked on relaxing through it and turning over. It helped and although it was tough I sprinted in for the last 200. Jogged a lap, then another mile and called it a day. The last mile, although at a slow pace, still had my heart rate up around 170+ so there wasn't a lot else to be done today. I had to be home soon anyway and all the extra rest/walk breaks and a long form drill session really ate up my time. I'm happy with the work because it was a tough day. I just wish I was a little more rested coming into it. No matter, planning another workout Saturday, which will be my last one before the 10k. I'll do some speed stuff next week, but mostly just tune up things working on form, not really trying to build fitness from those.

here are my notes
3:59 hurt (scribbled)
4:13.41 hard (barely legible)

4:50pm. middle school track. 77° 60%H 7 mph from SSW (warm, humid, little windy)
1200m @3:59, 4:13.4, 4:13, 4:11 w/400m and standing recovery
36:35(6.05) gm1031 fasttwitch 78

AHR 155 w/recovery MHR 191


Tony said...

The humidity is a killer. Hopefully it won't be a terribly humid summer. Nice job sticking it through though.

Ron said...

yeah last summer we had a drought, this summer it looks to be the opposite. Thanks! I'll be out there regardless :)