Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today the hamstrings were super sore. I guess the speedwork caught up to me. They were a little sore yesterday, but today my inner thigh and hams were so sore it hurt to lift my knee. I think a little part of the soreness was from not stretching Thursday night, and yesterday not walking after my run like normal. Still a good easy run never hurt nobody so I just did my normal thing. It was hot today, but for the first time I felt comfortable in it, well as comfortable as you can I suppose :P It was good fun, but I really had to work extra hard the last 20 minutes or so just to maintain a steady pace.

One week left to the 10k. I'm feeling okay about it. I mean I've done my marathon training and actually got in some decent speedwork this cycle, I just hope I go out and perform the best I can on raceday. Basically that means eating right, getting to the race early, pacing correctly, and having fun. If I do those things, I really think I have a good shot at hitting my goals. As always I'm trying to be realistic, but push my goals far enough that it will be a challenge. Hopefully I haven't put them out of reach, but I've been pretty accurate at judging those things in the past - even if I am a bit aggressive ;)

4:58pm. home. 75° 69%H 5mph from WSW (warm)
1:16:03(11.36)bf 1389
AHR 162 MHR 175

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