Sunday, May 3, 2009


Stayed up way too long last night reading. Enjoying my book so far (Once a Runner). We went to church, were it poured down rain for most of our marriage class and the service. When we got home we had some lunch and I was tired from staying up so I took a nap. When I got up I was surprised to see the rain had stopped for a bit, and looking at the weather it was supposed to be clear until about 7. I had originally wanted to do a long run out to walmart, but I really didn't want to be stranded 6 miles from the car if it decided to thunderstorm so I just stayed in the neighborhood.

The run was amazing. Legs felt 11 out of 10 and I really took advantage of it the first half of the run. Pace wasn't too fast, something less than a V02 max session, but still just a good moderate effort. It must have been the humidity or something, but I just felt like I could have ran forever today, and fast. My HR was way lower than normal, and only got above 165 toward the last few miles when I started pushing on a little acceleration work. It started raining a little over an hour into the run, but it was really light and actually just made the run that much better. But since I figured the storms would be coming soon and I had already pushed for a few miles and did a long acceleration at the end I just called it a day. It really started coming down a few minutes after I was finished.

I really miss my long run. It has been a while since I've done anything over an hour and half, but with the weather this week I just don't see a lot of chance to get that in. Still I feel in pretty good distance shape, definitely could race a half if I had to, but I'd feel more confident with some more mileage. Either way speedwork training has been going excellent and tuesday I hope it's relatively clear so I can get in some high quality reps. The days are winding down to the 10k, not much time for dilly dallying. At a last resort I'll hit the sweatmill, but I'd like to avoid that at all cost :)

6pm. home. 68º 78%H 9mph wind from SSW (cool, perfect)
1:14:23(11.01), bf 1363
accels 1x100 1x600

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Pace Runner said...

Hi Ron!

First of all thank you very much for the kudos! You finally got your running blog back?

I also just noticed you ran a recent marathon and did awesome! Sub3...WOW! Very happy for you, I know you've had some struggles with injuries but looks like you have overcome them. Congrats, does that mean Boston 2010?... ;)

I'm also happy to see that your business has taken off as well! Keep up with the great running and art work!