Thursday, May 7, 2009


Made my way to the track for the second workout of the week. Hammies were still a bit tight from Tuesday; but I looked outside, saw sunlight, and there was no way I wasn't doing a workout today. Did 1 mile warmup, form drills as usual and that loosened the legs up just a bit. I was supposed to run 1x3 miles around Threshold pace (6:13) I was actually running these in my trainers so I was expecting to have to a work a little harder, but I hit the first 200 in 38 and had to back off a bit. I also ran with stopwatch in hand. I'll talk more about that later though. At 800 I was round 2:50, 1200 4:25 or so, and then finished at 5:56 for the first mile. Definitely not close to goal, but I just thought Hey, faster is better right? It wasn't too far off so I didn't stress it.

Did two laps recovery, got a sip of gatorade cuz I was pouring sweat and started the next one. Pretty much the same deal as last time, but I had settled into pace, 42 at 200, didn't catch first lap, 800 I was round 2:50 again and really that's the only split I needed as far as pacing went. These were moderately hard, I was breathing within my limit but still pushing. I thought here about how I need to be running ALL my miles around this pace and not just speedwork. Seems impossible, but I will get there. Came in a little faster this time at 2:52 and repeated two laps recovery, sip of gatorade. This time I wanted to put on my cross country spikes and see how it felt. So I actually got another minute or so rest before this last one as I had to lace up real quick.

It felt funny putting on these because there is basically no cushion, they feel so thin compared to trainers that it's almost like you can feel the ground with each step. It's a good feeling though. So I wanted to be under control this last mile. 41 at 200, right on track, 2:45 or so at 800, 1200 was low 4's, didnt' really catch it because there was a toddler playing by the track and I didn't want to run him over (mom was nearby but far enough where I'd nail him before she knew it). I checked my HR on lap three it was only 178 or so - really not that bad. The funny thing is I felt really smooth this time around, and breathing was much easier. I wasn't really going any faster, but I was putting in the same effort but somehow now. Basically the shoes were making it easier to run at pace, so I was able to maintain with ease. I basically just stretched my legs the last 400 and came in at 5:45. Two laps recovery.

At this point I felt good. I had my spikes on still and was about to switch to trainers and I just thought, I might as well do some shorter stuff while I got em out of the bag. So I kept jogging and did a 400. I don't know what the time was because I just sort of did it spur of the moment. Lets just say 73... one lap jog recovery and I wanted to another. The first I was breathing really hard, and so I focused on that this second one. I just took deep breaths and really worked on turnover with a pickup the last 100 for a 72. Jogged a lap recovery, then switched shoes.

Trainers felt incredibly cushiony after switching almost to a silly point where I thought I had marshmallows in them. Ran two and half more miles which was actually harder than it seemed after the workout, but I wanted to maximize it and get all the capacity I could. Legs were definitely feeling it, but I felt good and the sun had set so it was nice and cool.

So an interesting day at the oval with some miles and a few quarters to get the legs going. It's difficult, but everytime I get a little stronger and paces get a little easier. Two weeks left to train till the 10k.

7:10pm. track. 77° 54%H 5 mph from WSW (warm)
1600m @5:56, 5:52, 5:45 w/800m rec. 2x400m @73,72 w/400m rec.
AHR 155 (with drills)/ MHR 187
gm 1009, forever 17


Sheila said...

I bought a pair of Vibram FiveFingers which I am learning to run in, so only doing a mile or two at a time in them right now, and then switch to my regular running shoes (what you call "trainers"). Yes, it is like running on pillows or small mattresses. Amazing the difference.

Ron said...

hi Sheila. I've known about the five finger shoes for a while now. The main reason I don't buy them is because I run on pavement so much. It would be more of a luxury to have them. I do enjoy doing barefoot running on nicely kept grass though. If I ever live by the beach, they'd probably be my only pair :)

Sheila said...

Oh, I'm not trying to persuade you to get the FiveFingers. Just commiserating and concurring with you about the difference between any kind of minimal shoe vs. "running shoes" (or trainers, as you say). I run on asphalt (paved roads), for the most part. When I can, I will make a special effort go to the river trail (about 30 minute drive from me) where a large part is dirt. I rarely run on grass. So, yes, I'm running in the FiveFingers on paved roads.

Ron said...

I just feel guilty and have to justify not having a pair since I am a supporter of the barefoot running philosophy ;) I suppose Nike free will have to redeem me for now.