Saturday, May 2, 2009


Interesting day today. First off I'm so excited because my book was in at the library "Once a Runner". It has been out of print for about 40 years, but I only heard of the book a year or two ago. Well they have started printing it again and i believe it's $25 now (had been known to sell $300 for an original print!) Anyway the local library picked it up and so I was surprised and excited to find out they even had it. I've just started reading it, but I'll be sure not to spoil it for anyone else.

It was April's b-day today! We went out to eat later on with her family at Olive Garden, then went to her parents house to chill and eat cheesecake :) It was a good time. April is using her b-day monies to buy an ipod touch. She is really excited about it and already has picked the apps she wants to put on.

But my running starting earlier in the day, mostly due to the fact it wasn't raining around 11 am, so I got out the door before it started again. It was a really sweaty run, but I think it just looked more sweaty due to the cotton shirt. I usually wear a light tech shirt so you can't really distinguish the sweat there as much. Anyway it was a really good run. The legs felt good and I wanted to go faster.

About the end of my run a little chihuahua came out of nowhere, definitely smaller than my cat and starting yapping away. More of a mix between a squeak and a bark than anything. It was funny to see it try to catch up as it was about top speed and I was just easily strolling along. At one point I turned left, the dog just kept on going straight and barking. It was in front of me you see, so it was more like I was chasing him. I thought i might lose it, but as I turned around at the end of the cul-de-sac I see him burning around the corner yipping away, and I ran past him in the opposite direction. Lol, it was comical. I think the owners were yelling for it, but I didn't really care, it was fun to have a running partner, or better yet a sort of target to chase around. After about a half mile at least of the poor little thing being chased I finally saw the owner and I stopped while he picked it up. I just said "That's what they do" and went about my business finishing the run.

So that was fun and really made the end of my run interesting - I even felt like running for another five minutes or so before wanting to stop because of that. That was pretty much it for today. Tomorrow I will try to get a longer run in, I've been wanting to run out by walmart again for a while - It's at least 12 miles out and back, maybe 14-15 if I take a few extra paths, so that will be a decent long run. I just hope it doesn't rain all day after church is out so I at least have a chance to get out there for 2-2 1/2 hours of running. I don't mind rain so much, but I will not ever run in lightning, so we'll see what happens.

11am. home. 68° 78%H 11 mph wind from SS (cloudy, mild)
1:18:21(11.50), bf 1354

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