Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday I forgot to mention that a muscle in my right quad was really iffy after the race. I almost felt it cramp up a few times, and going up stairs I was really leery that it would just tighten and stay that way. So today it is really sore. I think it was just from the hard race, but there may have been some additional damage from the cramping. The muscle runs along the inside of the top of the quad, if that makes any sense. The big reason to mention this is that I ended up taking it easier today because of that. I only got one loop around the neighborhood. Probably my shortest run in a long long time. I just didn't see the need in running around with a sore muscle. Obviously it needed rest.

So that was less than exciting. But it gave me time to go walk with April and we walked for a good 40 minutes with a trip up the HH so at least I was out there the amount of time I wanted to be. The swimming pool in the neighborhood is open now. I'm thinking it will be a great way to get some extra cardio in without beating up my legs. Looking forward to see if that works out.

I have decided to continue on with my speed training for another month. For one I have a mile race coming up that I'd like to beat my PR in, and if I keep training for a few weeks after that I should be ready to tackle a 5k at the beginning of July. That would pretty much sum up my summer racing because I really want to start a new base. I've enjoyed speedwork, but I feel like I haven't been running many miles. I'd like to stay up in the 100's ideally leading into some nice Fall races. So that's the basic skeleton for now.

On the ipod front - my ipod yesterday did not log the run as I said. It had been freezing on me and I'd have to restart it to get it back to the main screen. Even that didn't work at the start of the race, which is why I had to run blind. Now remember I've logged over 520 runs with this thing - rain, heat, and bouncing around, so 2 years is actually a pretty good lifespan (plus I bought it used to begin with). Well April used her combined b-day money to get a touch, so I have now adopted her "old" nano, which is newer than mine (but also was used before she got it). I'd like to sell the other ipod back to mac, because it still worked. The only problem is when it goes into standby mode it would come out of it, but show a blank white screen so they may be able to refurbish it somehow. So anyway I have a "new" ipod to use now :P.

6:15pm. home. 80° 63%H 4mph from ESE
22:35 (3.23) gf 719
AHR 153 MHR 172

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