Monday, May 4, 2009


Almost couldn't contain myself today, I just wanted to fly. The rain let up for a bit, so I got out the door. I already had on my gear because earlier just as I went out the door there was a floodgate opening of the heavens. I decided to wait. It paid off and about 30 minutes into the run it started raining again. I still had lots of minutes to clock and decided to just go ahead and run because it was a light rain this time. I glided through it, legs lifting and pushing seemingly without effort.

But the rain kept coming a little harder, a little harder, and before I knew it I was totally drenched and wiping the water from my brow every couple seconds so I could see. Honestly it felt great. Splish spashing along, shoes completely soaked through, water flung from my fingertips each time I pumped my hands upward, my tech shirt flapping waterlogged (glad I didn't wear the cotton one - I almost did) and I trudged through puddles carefree and recklessly. It was fun and awesome and the rain felt so cool coming down from above. Toward the end of the run it let up a bit, but was still sprinkling. My hip started "feeling" not really hurting, but there was a sensation. I've figured out that it is from the cul-de-sacs, running them a little too fast. I have figured this out before, but always seem to forget. As a runner you look for the weaknesses in your judgement. Am I wearing the right shoes, are my shoes to worn..., am I running properly? But it was none of the above, just the simple matter of gravity pulling my weight to one hip, and the hip not being used to that centripetal force.

I finished reading "once a runner" yes in basically three days.... It's that good, I simply couldn't put it down. Every time I got to the end of a chapter I just had to read the next and so on. It is a great book. I was a bit disappointed, but not by the writing or anything, just a matter of finding out only at the end of the book exactly what category book it is. All the same I enjoyed it thoroughly and although that was a downer, it only lasted a second. Lets just say this little rain run today, was mostly inspired by the book.

5:56pm. home. 69° 66%H 8 mph from ENE (wet, rainy, cool -perfect)
1:14:02(11.17) bf 1373


DuffRunner said...

Ron-I may have to read that book yet. I guess you'd recommend it?

Ron said...

without a doubt! and if you won't take my word for it, you can judge it by the cover: "best running novel ever written about running" :)

Tony said...

I remember the first time I got caught in the rain during a run. Your right it's just a great run. I honestly felt like a kid again.

djgray1200 said...

I'm coming around to running in the rain. It's pretty envigorating. I'll have to plan on picking up that book too. It seems to be a pretty hot read right now. I could use the same type of inspiration you said it inspires. Oh, and thanks for all the positive feedback you've thrown my way Ron. It goes a long way toward helping in my efforts.